Monday, August 4, 2014

Yesterday at The Ohio City Market!

The Ohio City Market is a new Farmers Market, yesterday was its 2nd Sunday.

A dozen or so vendors and maybe a 150 shoppers. Still finding its identity and still being found! It is just a stone's throw from the Westside Market.

As i was setting up some of the vendors remembered me from the Sunday before when i was just checking it out!

Luckily i was able to rig up a sunshade since during the market the sun burnt of the low clouds and it got hot!

It was a much more casual day and it took a while for folks to come over and interact.

Had a bunch of lovely interaction and learned more about how Cleveland is put together. A new idea is for me to get people to draw maps of the city for me, explaining where and why i need to go places.
You can see the tire with some weights on it kept the Globe from falling over! And the plywood table is a little warped from driving through the rain on Saturday afternoon!

To the right of my was a Market Farmer with lovely tomatoes, blueberries, beans and sweetcorn.
To the left was The Lake Erie Creamery. Very yummy hand made cheeses.

Learned about a local movement called SoMo Leadership Labs. They are exploring Social EMotional Intelligence and how to train yourself from genetic habits of negativity to more optimistic and successful. There is a training this Sunday morning... maybe i'll go before the Market!

Cour, one of the vendors from across the way turned out to be a former WWOOFer, she lives in a collective house and was a nice connection!

Another vendor, Jessie came over to check things out and she read about The In The Moment Comic Book Workshop i am doing at The The Cleveland LGBT Center and she told me about Carol and John's Comics at Kamm's Corner as a possible place to do the workshop. We'll see.

When i went over to sample the Salsa i learned it was made with concentrated citrus juices and sweetened with honey! Amazing!

So all this was preamble to the significant moment that then happened. Across from the Salsa folks was the Icecream Maker and as i was downing another Salso sample he set out some Ice Cream Samples. i took that moment to turn and grab on before returning the the Lab and Ice Cream man asked me "What are you selling over there?"

What an amazing question! What am i selling at the Lab? What am i offering besides interesting activities and engaging conversations?

This question has been occupying my thoughts since then. i am so glad i came early to Cleveland and got to have these warm up experiences so i can have time to address them.

We'll see where this leads.

Here is the video of the Globe with Sunday's marks! So interesting to see how differently people interpret the offer!

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