Friday, August 1, 2014

New Mantra!

My new mantra is:  K.I.S.S.A.S.S.

Seriously Silly

The simple is going better every minute, now just to increase the silly factor!

Here's a link to a video i made about The Cube: A Problem Jostler!

It is one of the projects of The PL in development. Eventually there will be 27 small cubes (cuz they will stack into a big cube!) There are currently 18.

The Cube: A Problem Jostler

Check it out!

The campaign is starting off slowly but there have been a few donations through the indiegogo and a few others via other means! Yeah for diversity and options.

Also have gotten the official go ahead for The Puzzlement Laboratory to set up at several farmers markets over the next weeks!

North Union Farmers Markets

We'll be at The Shaker Square Market tomorrow Saturday the 2nd. from 9 to Noon

And then at The Ohio City Market Sunday from 11 to 2pm.

Later Sunday afternoon i'll be hosting an open house for those curious to learn more about The Puzzlement Laboratory and my other Art projects including The Ladies!

Here is a video my friend Ka Baird from Spires That In The Sunset Rise made:

13 Full Moon Lunar Year Daily Ritual aka The Ladies

It is 15 minutes long. So take a gander!

Also next Wednesday The PL will be at the local independent farmers market at Gordon Square Farmers Market.

Then on Thursday i will go down to Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea for the Conference on Current Issues in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersex Health Research.  It is a 3 day conference in which the public, as in non-professionals, are welcome.  Having done a tremendous amount of work as a Safer Sex Promoter and Needle Exchange Worker it will be interesting to get my feet wet again. Plus i LOVE an academic conference!

i'll take the Personalized Globalization Project down there and see how it flies!

Yeh! Just got another donation!

Click here for The Puzzlement Laboratory Indiegogo Campaign!

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