Saturday, August 2, 2014

Personalized Globalization Debut!

Today marked the début of Personalized Globalization! At the Shaker Square Farmers Market. Emma, the coordinator had me set up at the grassy turn on the eastside of the Market.
It was a nice simple set up. The Globe almost didn't get out the door of The Couch House because the door couldn't open all the way. The Staples store closed at 9 pm last night and so i didn't have all the things i had planned. All good!  OK IS OK!

Met many people getting to engage them on many levels.

Here are a few more photos to get a sense of it all!
This is Laura the first to make a mark on the Globe. She is a house sitter and piano tuner.

Her mark to describe Cleveland!

Many other people enjoyed learning about The Puzzlement Laboratory and what we are doing during The Gay Games 9. About 9000 participants are coming for the games from something like 44 countries and from all over The US. 18,000 spectators too.  It will be a great mingling of peoples. How do we find ways of making significant and refreshing connections that are meaningful???

This is an experiment. So glad i have this time to practice and try things out.

More later! More photos to share and a video! Need to take a shower and a nap!

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