Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Puzzlement Laboratory is in Cleveland through The Gay Games 9.

Arrived in Cleveland on Monday and have been settling into The Couch House ( It is located in the Detroit-Shoreway neighbourhood, conveniently a few blocks from The LGBT Center ( and also the lake!

Have set up a few events for during the Games already.

In The Moment Comic Book Making
Monday 11th  3 - 5pm


The Inter-Galactic TransGender Cake Decorating Experience!!!
Wednesday 13th 3 - 5pm

Both at the Center.
6600 Detroit Avenue

We will be making several LARGE Globes as a part of an interactive "Where are you from? and Who are you?" activity.

Also creating another Puzzle!
Hands Up-Hands Down-Hands Out- Hands In
Decorate your hand(s) to express an aspect of your identity and email them to They will become part of a slide show. From these photos, some will be turned into a line drawing collage. This collage will be made into the Puzzle!

The collage image will be cut into 25 post card sized pieces and these pieces will be then coloured by folks. Then assembled and reassembled in a variety of ways.

So lots of fun and excitement!

Glad to be blogging again!

There will also be an online crowd source fundraiser to help cover expenses and to make sure i get paid a bit of money for all this work!!!

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