Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gulp! About to launch Indiegogo fund raising campaign!

So, the time has come to launch the crowd sourcing fund raising campaign. i am nervous and have lots of trepidation about this endeavour. Two years ago, i did the first for Having My Cake and Sharing It Too and it wasn't that great. i wasn't in the best situation to promote it and do all the work to make it successful.

Now i am in a much better place in my life, though not without challenges. i have had the experience of being a helper on other campaigns and have a sense of how it works.

i hope a few folks step up and help get the word out about this campaign because that is what makes it possible to succeed!

i'll do a separate post about the projects that are happening for GG9 and another with a more detailed explanation about the PERKS!

Got to do my first session at The LGBT Center of Cleveland yesterday and it turned out really well because i got pulled into meeting a group of youth from Mexico who are visiting the US learning about lots of stuff. The sponsoring organization's name i can't remember at the moment but it is something like The World Council of Nations..... will ask for it for what it really is.

The lot of youth spent a week in Vermont doing team building work and now a smaller group is visiting Cleveland doing a family stay and visiting different organizations. They participated in a Martial Arts Demonstration, some of them made a video about their time in the US so far, other helped with making dinner and then we all got to eat together and then we did an Inter-Galactic TransGender Warrior Cake Decorating Experience!!!  It was a lot of fun and i got to speak a bit of my "crudimentario" (crude and rudimentary) Spanish!

Here are some photos of the cake! First time working with a sheet cake! All good! Some of the Super Powers are Little Birds of Freedom, Teleportation!, Happiness, ability to Fly, and many other! i have to remember to record some video next time so things get shared.

And started working on The Globes! Did a small mock up and glad i did! Figuring out the design in small scale is definitely going to make the big one easier!

More later and on to launching the campaign!

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